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Top 10 Australian Road Trips – No 1: The Great Ocean Road

Australia has its fair share of world famous landmarks: the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, the MCG and Uluru (Ayres Rock). Our unique wildlife also puts us on the map. Ask any child in the world about kangaroos and koala bears and they’ll tell you where they come from. But we’re also known because of our spectacular roads. And perhaps the most famous of all is the Great Ocean Road.

It’s one of the world’s great drives. But to really experience it you need a great set of wheels. It’s no good doing it in a tin can; you need a real car like a Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited.

In case you didn’t know the stats, the Great Ocean Road runs for just over 150 miles along the southern coast of Victoria. It links the cities of Torquay and Warrnambool and was built as the world’s largest war memorial by returning soldiers from World War I - making the road even more of a special place to visit.

The road hugs the coastline for much of its length, offering some of the most spectacular views you can get from the front seat of a car. But make sure you keep your eyes on the wheel; the drive is incredibly beautiful but it’s no picnic, so pull over and get out to take it all in.

The road twists, turns, climbs and dives and there are rock falls and landslide hazards you need to look out for. This is another reason you’re going to need a serious car. The Wrangler is going to make the ride more comfortable but it’s also a thoroughbred driving machine that’s going to look after you and your passengers on some of the more hairy stretches. Play it safe and the Wrangler won’t even have to break a sweat.


Of course the road has its famous sites. The Twelve Apostles stand guard over the bay, looking south at the Antarctic Ocean, as they have done for millions of years. Pull into one of the picture-postcard towns that hug the hillsides, grab a refreshing drink and imagine what it must be like to wake up to such a beautiful view every morning. It’s no wonder the residents are so happy and friendly - you would be too if it was your home.

The only real problem with the Great Ocean Road is that it’s never long enough. Its beauty has to come to an end sometime. But you can always turn around and drive back again. You might as well see it all again from a slightly different angle, right?

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