24 min
( Disclosure20-80% at 100 kW DC fast charging)
Charge Time
396 Km
( DisclosureRange and energy consumption values are calculated based on the WLTP test procedure and according to ADR 81/02. Real world values will vary depending on many factors related to, for example, driving style, route, weather and road conditions, vehicle condition, use and equipment. Values for purpose of comparison amongst vehicles only.)
115 kW
Electric Power
100 kW
Rapid Charging Rate


The all-new Jeep® Avenger is the brand’s first-ever battery electric vehicle. Packed with Jeep® DNA inside compact dimensions, the Avenger is spearheading the brand’s strategy towards becoming the world leader in electrified SUVs. The Avenger has received international media acclaim, collecting prestigious titles including European Car of the Year 2023, Best Family SUV at the Women’s World Car of the Year, Electric Car of the Year at the Top Gear Electric Awards, and Best Small Car at the Autocar Awards.


Adventure is about crossing borders, exploring and finding yourself in a whole new world. The most compact Jeep® yet, and our first all-electric model, the Avenger features a muscular yet compact outline shielded by the 360° body protection. The bold aesthetic reflects Jeep’s iconic personality. Its signature, seven-slot grille, contrasting black roof and front and rear full-LED lights make the Avenger recognisable at first sight.


The modern and digitally enabled interior of the Jeep® Avenger creates a seamless and connected driving experience. Its functionality and flexibility are unparalleled: with extensive storage you can fit all the luggage and passengers you need, and keep your day-to-day essentials – smartphone, house keys, water bottle, beauty case and sunglasses – close to hand. Inside the Jeep® Avenger, every journey becomes an experience.


All the space you need for a true Jeep® experience in compact dimensions. Size up your ambitions.


Drive electric, and totally stress-free. The first 100% electric Jeep® combines the performance and excitement of driving a Jeep® with all-electric power. With a Mode 3 charging cable supplied, your Avenger can be charged in just 24 minutes (20-80% at 100 kW DC fast charging). Get out of the city and experience the freedom of no emissions on a drive in your new SUV.


When you choose a car, you choose a lifestyle. The new Jeep® Avenger stands out for its determination and adventurous spirit – all within a compact outline. Its Selec- Terrain® and Hill Descent Control technology allow you to adapt to any weather conditions – rain, snow, ice, you name it. Plus, with the new Jeep® Avenger’s generous ground clearance, you’ll be ready to face even the most extreme conditions.


The new Jeep® Avenger is here to push your driving experience to the limit. With its combined Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, it helps you maintain the correct distance from the vehicle ahead, stay in the middle of your lane and stay at a consistent speed. Access all your infotainment needs inside the new Jeep® Avenger through the two 10.25‘’ digital panels : a 100% digital cluster and a Uconnect™ infotainment panel. What’s more, you can easily connect and recharge your smartphone through the wireless charging pad, so you’re never off grid (unless you want to be!)