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Quarter 1, 2023 Incentive Winner – Tony Hakim – Purchased a Jeep Gladiator Rubicon from McCarroll's Jeep Artarmon and returned their NPS Survey on the 27th March 2023​
Quarter 2, 2023 Incentive Winner - Frank Alducci - Frank serviced an Alfa Romeo Stelvio at Zagame Alfa Romeo and returned his NPS Survey on the 22nd April 2023.
Quarter 3, 2023 Incentive Winner - Kunal Sharma - Kunal serviced his Jeep at Adelaide City Jeep on the 7th September 2023.
Quarter 4, 2023 Incentive Winner – Julie Maddocks - Julie serviced her Jeep at Dwyer’s Jeep and serviced her vehicle on 27th September 2023.
Quarter 1, 2024 Incentive Winner – Therese Aleksander - Therese serviced her Jeep at Rockingham Jeep, and returned her NPS Survey on the 4th March 2024.
Quarter 2, 2024 Incentive Winner – Anthony Merrett – Anthony serviced his Jeep at City Jeep and returned his NPS Survey on the 29th of April 2024.