In part four of our series, Luke shows us some creative ways to use a drone in the great outdoors.

@Outside.Luke Top Tips

Drone shots captured from directly above your Gladiator are awesome for showing off the world around you. If you're near the water, try and fly your drone between 10am and 2pm when the sun is at its brightest. Further inland, you should aim to be up in the sky at either first or last light - the soft sun really brings trees and foliage to life! Don't be afraid to merge these two very different times of the day together - returning to a location for another look means you'll have the chance to see things you may have missed before.

Extra tip:
The gimbal may need to be readjusted to face directly downwards each time you fly your drone. This is especially common in Sports Mode, so be sure to double-check your settings before take-off