Step into the electrified future with the new Jeep® Compass 4xe Plug-In Hybrid. Experience the new electrified powertrain with enhanced technology, safety and refreshed design features. All designed to make your next adventures electrifying.

Combined Power
176 kW
Acceleration 0-100 Km/h
Time to full charge
1hr 45m
( Disclosureat 7.4 kW charging speed)
Full-Electric Range
47 km
( DisclosureRange and energy consumption values are calculated based on the WLTP test procedure and according to ADR 81/02. Real world values will vary depending on many factors related to, for example, driving style, route, weather and road conditions, vehicle condition, use and equipment. Values for purpose of comparison amongst vehicles only.)


The new Compass comes with three driving modes to suit your driving style:

  • Hybrid mode uses the petrol engine and electric motor for a fuel-efficient ride.
  • Electric mode uses only the electric motor, reducing fuel usage to 0.
  • E-Save mode keeps the battery charged by increasing the effectiveness of autonomous charging systems.​