The COVID-19 global pandemic forced the majority of us to swiftly adapt to flexible working arrangements – working from home in our lounge rooms, bedrooms and home offices, often with family and pet interruptions and a very relaxed dress code.

We've been freed of the office, but are we truly embracing this new flexibility?

For 80 years, Jeep has inspired and enabled epic journeys with its 'go anywhere, do anything' attitude – encouraging Aussies to chase freedom and adventure, to discover, dive headfirst into life, and say 'I'm in'.

And now, we believe if you have the freedom to work from home, you should have the freedom to work far from home (#WFFH).

That’s why Jeep is championing the remote working lifestyle, celebrating its benefits and encouraging Aussies to be more adventurous – to hit the road and work far from home and embrace remote working in a whole new way.

And we don’t just believe in it, we’re committing to it.

Our ambition is to spark a new and ongoing sense of adventure in the Australian work week – one where conference calls can be taken by waterfalls and lunch breaks are replaced with nature escapes.

This is Working Far From Home.

Are you in?