A new workspace can change your routine. But a new remote workspace among nature can completely change your perspective, lift your mood and improve your productivity. Ready to hit the road on a working adventure? Here’s everything you need to Work Far From Home.


Whether you want to stay by the beach or nestle away in a national park, there’s plenty of places to #WFFH outside of the city. Shared accommodation sites, such as Airbnb and Stayz, are always a good place to start. So are campsites with Wi-Fi where you can pitch a tent or get cosy in the back of your Jeep. Be sure to take a close look at your surrounds before you book, keeping a close eye-out for nearby beaches or bushwalks to fill up your lunchbreaks – the closer to nature, the better!


It can be a challenge to work effectively without stable Wi-Fi, so be sure to double-check the connectivity features of your chosen accommodation before booking. If you’re going off-grid, most service providers offer portable 4G dongles which can help to keep you stay connected all across the country. While these powerful tools have solid signal strength, it’s never a bad idea to double check your service provider’s coverage map before you kickstart your #WFFH adventure.


This might seem obvious, but there’s nothing worse than forgetting a spare set of batteries for your wireless mouse, or the HDMI cord that connects your monitor to your laptop. To avoid forgetting anything important, simply make a list of the things you use at home or in the office (like pens, notepads and extra chargers) and check it through before you take off. If you ever need to work from the road, the Jeep Gladiator comes fully loaded with the latest tech, including a USB port for off-grid charging and seamless Bluetooth® connectivity for conference calls on the move.


If you’ve got a serious appetite for adventure, your #WFFH journey may take you across some tough terrain, so be sure to pick up protective cases for your laptop, phone, tablet and any other valuable electronics.


Take your #WFFH adventures further than you ever thought possible with a Trail Rated® Jeep Gladiator. Spacious, comfortable and off-road ready, the Gladiator is the ultimate vehicle for extreme remote work. And with our commitment to reduced cost of ownership, you can now spend less and adventure more. Are you in?